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Pneumatic Pad Printing Machine :

Pneumatic Pad Printing Machine.

Single Color Pneumatic Pad Printing Machine are highly cost effective, require less ink, high output Productivity, user friendly machines, minimum setting time and very less maintenance.
Our machines can be used for printing on various Products like Pen, TV covers, Electrical Buttons, Fan Canopy, Industrial parts /components, dials, household items, kitchen/cutlery items for decorations etc with the use of different inks, printing can also be done on various plastic, Glass, Metals and Ceramics.
The machine can print on Flat, Round (Up to 90Degree) and concave, convex and uneven shapes
eg. walnut (Ackrod, Coconut ).
The salient features and specifications are as follow:

  • Plate size: 215 X 100 X 10 mm
  • Maximum Printing area: 75mm
  • Diameter Cup Size: 90mm Pad
  • Stroke: 50mm
  • Maximum Product height: 100mm ( On base)
  • Height can be adjusted as per product
  • Length and width can any thing.
  • The product stroke of the machine: 100mm.
  • So from edge of the product the print should be maximum 80mm.
  • General speed: 7000 impression per 8 hr with single person
  • Space requirement: 300mm X 600mm
  • Height 500mm
  • Weight 80 kgs