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Flat Screen Printing Machine :

Flat Screen Printing Machine

We are offering Semi Automatic Printing Machine, a High precision Screen Printing Machine for Paper, Sticker Printing. It is suitable for products like letter head, greeating cards, wedding Cards Can be printed with machine. Stickers, Foils and various other media can be printed with high acuracy.
Features :

  • The squeegee printing system works on imported linear block guide for extremely stable printing.
  • Sensor is provided for controlling the printing stroke, which can be laterally adjusted to suit various print sizes.
  • Pneumatically operated printing head lifting design provides convinient replacement of squeegee, flood bar,screens as well as easy access for cleaning.
  • The printing Table can be Vacuum or slotted to hold jig or fixture.
  • The flood bar can coat or pre-coat during printing minimising screen clogging.
  • The priniting table is equipped with 3 sets of micrometric adjustment knobs for precision alignment of printing in lengthwise, lateral and angular direction
  • Pneumatic drive, low-noise levels and trouble free performance.
  • The screen is vertically positioned to prevent ink overflow at the sides, therefore lowering ink consumption.
  • Rigid Screen holders for vibration free printing.
  • Shock absorbers for vibration free stopping of suqeegee movement, longer life of Rodless cylinder.
  • Big E.stop for operator’s safety
  • T slot table avialable for product printing
  • Heavy construction of base frame.
  • Advance PLC system for reliable and consistent performance of the machine.